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Discover IQ Option

Forex Trading

The Award of Excellence is the highest honor among IQ Option安全吗? The Communicator Awards, given to those that exceed industry standards in quality and achievement. The IQ Option trading app IQ Option安全吗? was recognized by the voting committee as the best one in the Financial category in 2017.

Century International Quality Gold ERA Award

The prestigious award was given to IQ Option in recognition of our outstanding commitment to Quality and Excellence, particularly in the IQ Option安全吗? realm of Customer Satisfaction.

Best Trading Platform

The IQ Option platform is a real blueprint for the industry. Isn't it great to trade on the absolute best platform the world has to offer? This award is the proof.

IQ Option allows traders to broaden their financial portfolio through trading FX Options and CFDs on currency pairs (FX), stocks, cryptocurrencies, Commodities and ETFs

Depending on your attitude towards risk, IQ Option安全吗? IQ Option provides a variety of financial instruments that IQ Option安全吗? could match your trading style. Whether you choose to trade Forex, a cryptocurrency or stocks, you can do IQ Option安全吗? it all in one place. Trading a variety of financial instruments is now available with IQOption

An award-winning platform from a reliable broker that lets you trade all the favorite assets in one place.

Use the multi-chart layout IQ Option安全吗? to analyze historic data and make critical trading decisions. Everything IQ Option安全吗? you need to trade from FX Options to CFDs on currency pairs (FX), stocks, cryptocurrencies, Commodities and ETFs, all on a single platform.

There are hundreds of Forex, stocks, cryptocurrency and other investment opportunities waiting to be discovered. Using the latest market updates, stock screeners, volatility alerts, newsletters and calendars, could assist with making more informed decisions.

“When trading with IQ Option, you’re never IQ Option安全吗? alone. Get support and information from fellow traders without having to leave the traderoom.

The IQ Option platform is being tweaked and improved on a continuous basis IQ Option安全吗? — and always using feedback from our traders. We are always working on ways to ensure IQ Option is quick, accurate and User-friendly.

Every asset IQ Option has to offer aims to provide customers with ultimate trading experience IQ Option安全吗? — through a combination of an effective platform and IQ Option安全吗? a range of innovative products..

IQ Options trading platform

IQ Options mobile trading platform

Featuring a state-of-the-art mobile IQ Option安全吗? trading platform, IQ Option transactions start with as little IQ Option安全吗? as £1, which is a simple and engaging way for novice traders to experience online trading. For those of IQ Option安全吗? you who are wondering about banking compatibility, you’ll be pleased to know that IQ Option accepts an array of financial payment systems.

To maintain its leading position as one of the best broker on the market, IQ IQ Option安全吗? IQ Option安全吗? Option focuses on providing quality trading conditions. For making deposits and withdrawals, the company has a wide range of comfortable, secure, and convenient payment methods, including electronic payment IQ Option安全吗? options and wire transfer.

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose

El programa de afiliados oficial
del líder mundial

“Parece cada vez más evidente que es el mejor programa de afiliados en la industria. Antes que nada me refiero al nivel alto de conversión (debido a los buenos materiales IQ Option安全吗? promocionales y las API de registro) y pagos constantes (IQ Option安全吗? IQ Option安全吗? dos veces al mes). El soporte es muy agradable. ¡Os deseo más éxito!”

“Sus tarifas de conversión son muy más altas que las de otros brokers, aunque IQ Option安全吗? ni siquiera nos esforzamos para promocionarlo. Estoy seguro de que este año nos mostrarán unos resultdos increibles”

“Sois mi equipo favorito. Desde el principio supe que algún día estaríais en los más alto de la industria. Al principio no me sentí comodo sin trabajar con la conocida oferta CPA. Ahora todo ha cambiado”

“IQoption.com ha desarrollado una innovadora plataforma de afiliados que te ofrece estadistica en tiempo real, muchos banners, las páginas de bienvenida en varios idiomas y pagos regulares (dos veces al mes). Siendo blogger para binaryoptioneurope.com, al principio tenía dudas sobre recibir una parte del beneficio en vex del clásico CPA, pero ahora estoy sorprendido para bien y el resultado está por encima de mis expectativas. Prueba la innovadora plataforma de trading IQ Option y verás que tu beneficio va creciendo de un día para el otro.”

“Te mantendremos en lo más alto de la lista. Otros brokers pagan más, pero para ser justos, pienso que vuestro producto es el mejor para nuestros usuarios. Y eso es importante para nosotros”

IQ Option評價:二元期權平台介紹、是否詐騙、安全性、出入金、優缺點完整分析


IQ Option是成立於2013年,註冊於聖文森,總部位於賽普勒斯的全球性差價合約/二元期權交易商。 最初以提供二元期權交易起家,2017年開始提供包括外匯、股票、加密貨幣、商品、指數以及ETF等差價合約(CFD)產品。最大特色是可以用極低金額(1美元)開始交易二元期權,10美元就能開始外匯保證金交易。
IQ Option平台提供24小時客服,為目前世界100多個國家提供服務,擁有超過4000萬註冊用戶,已成為全球最大的二元期權經紀商之一


最低入金 10美元
入金方法 信用卡、簽帳金融卡、加密貨幣(USDT)、電子錢包(Skrill、Neteller、WebMoney WMZ)
出金方法 信用卡、簽帳金融卡、加密貨幣(USDT)、電子錢包Skrill、Neteller、WebMoney WMZ)
出金手續費 信用卡、簽帳金融卡、電子錢包2%;加密貨幣(USDT)免費
出金到賬週期 2-5個工作日 IQ Option安全吗? (信用卡) 3-7個工作日(電匯),需要一個外幣帳戶接收海外券商匯款



二元期權(英文:Binary option)類似一種猜漲跌的遊戲,投資人透過選擇「看漲」或「看跌」押注市場的漲跌結果。押對了就能獲利,反之,則將賠掉押注的本金。